Serious Jeopardy!!

Due to baby boomer retirements and an aging population, Canada is facing a serious skilled labour shortage. The older average age of many tradespeople and their stated intention to retire suggest that if efforts are not made to train the next generation of skilled workers, Canada’s future economic competitiveness will be in serious jeopardy. Simply […]

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Cheap, Cheap out, or Save?

I had a conversation with one of my trades about his experiences lately with his homeowners that he deals with, about what they will, or are willing to, “invest” in the renovation/updating of their home. I say “invest” because it should be an appreciable expenditure, and I think that “spend” is a little more reactionary […]

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Cleaning with Condiments

It’s true. Probably one of the oddest cleaners that I’ve heard of in quite some time is a topping on my french fries – KETCHUP!. Ketchup, catsup, that wonderful all meal dressing – whatever you call it, it’s good for your hair and dunkin’ the fries. I caught this article on Reader’s Digest ( […]

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Ripped off by a homeowner

It is true unfortunately. The other side of the coin is there, we just don’t hear too much about it. The usual, and perhaps more believable, story is that of the converse – the contractor taking advantage of the homeowner. It may not be intentful, and simply a case of one party presuming one thing […]

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Buzz off !

With the season changing and the flowers blooming, I have to take a few minutes to acknowledge and thank our busy little worker bees. Thank-you. We need bees to pollinate our plants and trees, and, without that, the flowers will show up in the spring, but no fruit will follow in the fall. Bees are […]

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All about CFLs

White, blue, green, bright, dim, daylight, natural….. Who knew?! I’m talking about light bulbs. It used to just be 40 watts, 60 watts and the eye burning 100 watts. Just to throw some chaos into the mix, we has the little candle bases and the ones that were just for the fridge, oven and the […]

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Road trip!

I took in the Buildex Convention for this year, held at the Trade And Convention Centre in Vancouver. I hadn’t been in the new centre and didn’t have the time to explore and take in all of the beauty, but I did notice the high ceilings, laden with beautiful long timbers, and the wide open […]

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The Tin Man’s answer

Well,  Bruce Buchanan from WD40 stopped in top The Home Discovery Show this weekend and he even stuck around for awhile to take some calls and share some tales, some tips, and even an insight of where WD40 has been and where they’re going. As an added bonus, he brought a very generous gift basket […]

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It’s a tankless job

Welcome back, and thanks for checking in. This week’s Home Discovery Show was packed with the season’s buzz. We could almost smell the freshly cut trees and the glow of the lights through the phone lines. Everywhere, everyone was readying themselves and their homes for the holiday. We started off with forced air, humidity, mossy […]

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Get a grip would ya!

  Seriously though. Have you ever slipped in the shower? Ever lost your balance bending over to scrub the toes? What about even climbing into the soaker tub? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’ve probably wished you had a grab bar. No, these little life savers are definitely NOT just for […]

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