Cleaning with Condiments

It’s true. Probably one of the oddest cleaners that I’ve heard of in quite some time is a topping on my french fries – KETCHUP!. Ketchup, catsup, that wonderful all meal dressing – whatever you call it, it’s good for your hair and dunkin’ the fries. I caught this article on Reader’s Digest ( ) that not only made me crave a basket of those golden tender potatoes, but had me wondering about what other things in the house can be used for cleaners.

Vinegar is used for fries as well as window cleaning, cleaning out drains and garburetors, and for many other things. The baking soda is also for drains, and, or course baking. Salt is for a little grit for the loosening of the stuck water shut offs, but not too much on the fries please. Mayonnaise for taking out water rings on the wood coffee table and floor. Oh. Fries too, if you’re Dutch.

If you have a unique cleaner that works for you, let me know. I’m happy to try it out, post it, maybe even try it on my fries.



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