Road trip!

I took in the Buildex Convention for this year, held at the Trade And Convention Centre in Vancouver. I hadn’t been in the new centre and didn’t have the time to explore and take in all of the beauty, but I did notice the high ceilings, laden with beautiful long timbers, and the wide open spaces. Definitely a piece of art in itself.

Anyway, into the main area of the convention I stray and I’m immediately inundated with technology of tomorrow, green initiatives, and the latest and greatest from the seasoned vendors. I’m now in an oddly uncomfortable  position. Usually, I’m the one who has to “sell” (not literally mind you). In this arena, I’m the buyer. Everyone is wanting me to know about their stuff.  It’s mostly a “no sell sell” approach. No pressure tactics. No “buy mine over the other guys’ because….” approach either. Everyone looked like they were all there to provide a value and a service to us as tradespeople, and for us to take to our clients.

I was surprised, pleasantly, on how many products were of the recycled, reclaimed or renewed fame. It used to be a……. , but now it’s a …….  There were several energy conservative products and ideas as well. I had a few conversations with several of the reps and I didn’t find one who wasn’t well spoken, knowledgeable, or didn’t care about their product and me and my clients as well. I even had the opportunity to talk with a couple of “my guys”, and even they gave me more information for products that I already knew all about.

I guess that since everything changes with the sunrise, keeping up with what’s hot, what’s new, and what’s not, is going to be a job unto itself in the coming days and years.

Kudos Buildex Vancouver. See me next year.

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