The Tin Man’s answer

Well,  Bruce Buchanan from WD40 stopped in top The Home Discovery Show this weekend and he even stuck around for awhile to take some calls and share some tales, some tips, and even an insight of where WD40 has been and where they’re going. As an added bonus, he brought a very generous gift basket – for him and for her!

Ahhh, if only the Tin Man had a can of this gold.


Before I spoil it, here’s a link to the fun;


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  1. Ann van Vliet March 24, 2013 at 10:18 am # Reply

    Thanks for WD40. The best product ever made. I am a realative new senior and am still working 34 years managemenet, admisistration you name it.
    You carry a can ow WD40 in your nap sak, purse, desk car and everywhere else you need it.

    Thanks for all you help over the years.


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