It’s a tankless job

Welcome back, and thanks for checking in. This week’s Home Discovery Show was packed with the season’s buzz. We could almost smell the freshly cut trees and the glow of the lights through the phone lines. Everywhere, everyone was readying themselves and their homes for the holiday.

We started off with forced air, humidity, mossy asphalt and even a little dose of chill in the master bedroom….. Roger, from Richmond, re-started a familiar conversation about hot water tanks. His nine year old tank was “oozing” from around the top cap and it looked like it was time to change it. I’d asked him if he considered the “On-demand” system and he hadn’t heard of it. Well, not that I’m out to sell anything, but I had to ask to offer an alternative. That opened the flood gates to a whirlwind of calls from people with lots to say about their on-demand systems. (I’ll leave the suspense as to what their story was for the pod cast 😉 . Thinking outside of the box, Ken from Vancouver called in asking about solar heating and commented about the cost of going that route.

Throughout the show, we were put to the challenge of the impending snowfall in out city, and what’s the best, safest, cheapest way to deal with that slippery venture. Most use the commercially available ice melts or just plain, coarse salt. One thing that we thought to be very important was the impact of the salts and chemicals. Lots of insightful info arose from that as well.

Well, without giving away the whole show and leave nothing for listening, I’ll leave you with thanks for tuning in and being a part of the conversation. Thanks for your emails, and thanks for following the blog and Twitter.

Home Discovery Show-December 11th, 2011

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