Get a grip would ya!


Seriously though. Have you ever slipped in the shower? Ever lost your balance bending over to scrub the toes? What about even climbing into the soaker tub? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’ve probably wished you had a grab bar. No, these little life savers are definitely NOT just for the old or mobility challenged. Anyone can, and will, use them for stability, comfort, or just “because they’re there”. Think about it; handrails are on stairs. Do you use them?

This is what started this week’s show off. Fred, from Kamloops, wanted to attach a grab bar to his tub surround, but there wasn’t any solid lumber behind it.  Deborah, Matt and Dorinne all chimed in with great help for him. With Christmas drawing closer, Ian opened the conversation about Christmas safety, and, in particular, light, tree, and fire safety. We had some chat about carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors again, and where they’re to be placed. I’ve had a brief blog about that, and should put up a little more about that, as well as some more about home safety. Stay tuned.

A chimney pillows, a bathroom smell, a broken lamp base, a buzzing radio, silver polish, a noisy neighbour’s furnace, and solar systems, rounded off the discussion that took us from Richmond to Buffalo Creek. All topics, all calls, all the time. Whatever you need to ask, share, tell, or even complain about. We’ll cover it on The Home Discovery Show.


If you missed it, here’s a pod cast for you to catch up on. There’ll be a test, so pay attention. Just kidding. Thanks for being a part of the conversation. Until next time.



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