When you’re hot, you’re hot.

If you’re not, then you probably need to crank up the heat. Well, hopefully you won’t though.

‘Tis true that the colder season is here and something more than the sweater may be needed. In my home, the heat isn’t allowed to be turned on (officially) until November 1st, and that’s after the filter is changed and ducts are, at least, vacuumed out.

This week’s show was mostly about heating. Forced air furnaces, boilers, radiant, high efficiency, electric, infrared, and fireplaces. We covered all of them, and still have more to discuss.

Whatever system you have, it’ll need to have a routine service/maintenance regiment to keep the system working and working efficiently. As we always embrace home owners taking on the active role in the repairs and servicing of their home, we also have to very aware of safety. When dealing with the heating system, this is one part of the home that really should be handled by the pros. Sure, the filter changing, duct cleaning, and even the initial visual inspection can be done by the novice, but please, please be very careful and know your limits. We’ll continue the “hot” topic on future shows, so if you missed something, or have a question/problem, you’ll definitely have a chance to get some answers or direction.

With the cold outside, the heat on inside, and the windows closed, the mould has begun to grow. More than one caller inquired about the nuisance growth and we haven’t heard the last of it. Promise.

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