What stinks?

Carmine Zuzulo of URBAN PLUMBING AND HEATING stopped in this morning to answer few questions and set the conversation off to what ended up to be a morning of potty talk…….  Well, we did dive into a few questions about the toilet (pardon the pun). We talked about energy conservative toilets, non-flushing, flapper problems, and even “damming” the toilet. All in a day’s show…..

Oddly enough, what really turned out to be the show stinker was an impromptu segment about front loading washing machines.  Mary identified the initial complaint and from there, the conversation took off. Consensus seemed to be that the machine has to dry out after use and the rubber seal has to be cleaned regularly. Some suggested washing the washing machine……. Sounds odd, but maintenance is everywhere around us. Here’s a little montage of the calls, specifically;


Just like the laundry, we’re not done with it yet

Here’s a link for the whole show;



Have a great week and thanks for tuning in.


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