All Wet!

Welcome back to another edition of the blog, and thank-you for participating in the discussion. Oh, I know, you’re thinking; “I’m not actually talking”, but just by following along, reading, or even writing in, you are participating and your input is valuable and welcome.

What a wet one this weekend and  it has been for a few days, but the sun has decided to poke out for the pinnacle of football – The 99th Edition of  The Grey Cup, as Vancouver hosts the match of the BC Lions and Winnipeg Blue Bombers at the newly refurbished BC Place Stadium. I haven’t been in yet, since the reno, but what an undertaking.

Speaking of renovations and wet, off to The Home Discovery Show we go and Wendy started us off with her outdoor steps. Cedar + rain + cold + dirt and tree stuff = slippery conditions. Without putting any holes or fasteners into the beautiful wood, she’s looking towards a “peel and stick” tape application. Unfortunately, the wetness is restricting. Suggestions followed. With all of the water falling, seemingly endlessly, we would be remiss if we didn’t speak of gutters. Bob, from Surrey, was looking for a system that would allow the rain water to flow to and through the gutters on his metal roof, but keep the leaves and debris out. Jillian was quick to offer up a resounding “DON’T DO IT”, “They’re absolutely terrible”. Brian had a client with a system that was available from Costco, and he reported on it as well.  Walt inquired about joint sealing on his DIY gutters, and Lada offered an opinion on another system that, in her words, was not good.

We also went into the bathroom with Jack’s countertop, Joe’s re-glazed tub, and Frank’s toilet. By the way Frank, the noise is…. “PINK!”.

With all that fun jammed into one show, it’s worth listening to again;


All the best, all ways, always.


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