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All Wet!

Welcome back to another edition of the blog, and thank-you for participating in the discussion. Oh, I know, you’re thinking; “I’m not actually talking”, but just by following along, reading, or even writing in, you are participating and your input is valuable and welcome. What a wet one this weekend and  it has been for […]

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Putting the BRRR in Novemberrrr

The mercury sure dropped this past week and it was even time to don the toque. We talked paint with Martin Nichols of 2 Brothers Painting this morning, and right off the top he said it’s time to go inside. Outdoor painting is done for the season he says.  “It’s just too damp”. He answers […]

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What stinks?

Carmine Zuzulo of URBAN PLUMBING AND HEATING stopped in this morning to answer few questions and set the conversation off to what ended up to be a morning of potty talk…….  Well, we did dive into a few questions about the toilet (pardon the pun). We talked about energy conservative toilets, non-flushing, flapper problems, and […]

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Where there’s smoke….

Normally, the rest of that is; “…..there’s fire“. This week’s show suggested; “…..there had better be a smoke detector“. With the changing of the clocks (for most), the flipping of the mattress, and changing of the food in the emergency kit, came the change of the battery in the smoke detector. With that, the carbon […]

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When you’re hot, you’re hot.

If you’re not, then you probably need to crank up the heat. Well, hopefully you won’t though. ‘Tis true that the colder season is here and something more than the sweater may be needed. In my home, the heat isn’t allowed to be turned on (officially) until November 1st, and that’s after the filter is […]

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What are you waiting for? Summer? – Winterization tips for your home.

No, not yet. We’ll be yearning for summer soon enough. For now, you should be well into WINTERIZING YOUR HOME. With that, here are a few tips to get the place that you call “home”, ready for Old Man Winter; Turn off outside hose bibs (faucets) and drain them. As an added precaution, wrap it […]

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