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The Home Discovery Show – October 2nd, 2011


Hello and welcome to the month that has 5 full weekends in it – for the last ditch effort for the home repairs.


This week’s Home Discovery Show was all wet. No, not really. We did have several calls about plumbing problems though. Don started us off with an odour emanating from somewhere in his bathtub area, but only when it drains! Michelle chimed in with her toilet seal problem, Phil has a slow draining tub, and then Bobby had some mysterious water puddling show up on the bathroom floor.


Veronica from Burnaby was wondering about the great deal on hardwood flooring that was offered to her. Too good to be true?


Stewart from West Vancouver has a 4000 square foot concrete patio that needs to be re-sealed / coated. Removing the old sealant, which ever way possible, would be a large undertaking – to say the least. We talked a lot about Muriatic, or hydrochloric, acid to etch off the finish and had to stress about the safety of using the acid. This is definitely NOT something to “try” for the first time. Acid is extremely dangerous and best left for the professionals. IF you have to get mixed up with it, safety gear and emergency preparedness (for spills) is crucial. I can’t stress enough of the importance of this one. BE SAFE, NOT SORRY!


Harry for PoCo called in, asking about a product from Shalex Industries, called “STICK-IT”. He tells us that it’s for bonding loose tiles to the substraight, where they’ve become a problem. Preliminary research tells me that it’s from Australia and currently isn’t available in North America, but is available via web buy. We’ll have to test it when it does come to Canada.


Lastly, Jamie called in from Kelowna and she’s putting together a new hair salon and is troubled with the flooring. She wants something that can stand up to the hair solutions, hair itself, foot traffic (heels, perhaps), etc. Our consensus………. stained or stamped concrete. Looks great, versatile for design, and certainly strong enough to stand up.


Well, with that, here’s the link for the pod cast for you to listen at your leisure;




Thanks for listening and being part of the conversation.


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