Shocking! – The Home Discovery Show – October 9th.

We sparked of quite a discussion this week. Bob and Deana both called in with problems with electricity – specifically electrical panel issues. Bob’s was drafty and Deana had, what sounded like, a tired breaker.
There was some mould in a rental property that concerned us as well. It shouldn’t be something to live with, in or around, particularly in a home that you pay rent for. This is a topic that continually comes up and we’ll continue to expose and discuss. Sure, some of us like mould, really. Mushrooms are a mould, but they’re the “fun-guy” kind. All humour aside, mould is nasty stuff for the healthy person. Anyone with any kind of respiratory problem, young people, older people, or anyone with allergies are particularly aware of aggravation as a result of mould.
As the weather has changed, and yes, we have to admit it now, the drafts and cold have shown up, adding insulation to attic spaces, crawl space, foundations wall etc is a relatively inexpensive improvement that’ll conserve heat and reduce the strain on the pocketbook.
Going full circle, we finished off with Steve from Burnaby and his concerns with asbestos, metal pipe flakes in the water lines, and mould in his rental home and asks about what to do, where to go. With that, we offered to do some follow up with the appropriate department(s) and get back next week. Stay tuned for that.

So, here it is. The pod cast for the show:

Home Discovery Show-October 9,2011

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