DIY or not to DIY

……. That was the question of this week’s show.


I know that I’ve said it before, and, in all honesty, I believed it each time more than the previous, but this week’s show was stellar. Ian opened up with a pop quiz of the top 10 home improvement/repair tasks for DIY or for the Pros. I do have to admit that I’m business biased. Call me for everything. No, not really. I’d much rather see someone active in the maintenance of their home rather than a home that is neglected and beyond reasonable repair. That being said, and for safety sake and competency of construction, a home owner must make that decision to call a professional when dealing with plumbing, gas, electrical, roofing, etc. before considering the money savings of doing it oneself. Of course, without DIYers, there wouldn’t be any home improvement shows, stores, books, videos, or, us.

So, with that, Mary from Tsawwassen started us off with her home that she moved in to about three years ago. The previous owner was one of those diligent home owners who took the time to keep the manuals and instructions for everything, and pass them along to Mary. The one that was missing was for the humidifier. That’ll be worked out. After Mary, we got in to Gerard’s furnace , Bill’s roof, Nick’s stucco, and a different Bill’s asphalt.
There was quite a bit of discussion about plumbing problems, noise problems, hammering and, we thought, an underground leak in the main line, sadly. With support, a few more callers gave their insight for the issues and what worked for them. Always welcome.

So, here’s a pod cast for your review and listening at your leisure:

Home Discovery Show-October 23,2011

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