Back to Back; the Home Discovery Show – Sept 18th & 25th

Hello again and please pardon the piggy backing of two weeks on one blog. We’ve been extremely busy with getting other things done – including organizing the new web site. If you haven’t already, you’ll see a dramatic change of format and content.

So, without further adue……  The last couple of weeks have been very enlightening with the volume of calls and interests of the listeners.

On the 18th, we were well entertained with the opening call from Shaun from Surrey. He had some drywall damage in his bathroom, and, while the actual trouble was no laughing matter, we did find it a challenge to not laugh WITH him as his story infolded.  From there, we  dealt with driveway sealers, insulation, plumbing odours, soffit ventilation,  and back to a common problem -removing the annoying ring left on a coffee table. All over the map again, but always in your home.

On the Sept 25th’s show, the main topic worked out to be about the chimney and how to resolve Jessie’s problem with water ingress. Living in North Vancouver, Jessie isn’t unaccustomed to the wet, but she’d prefer it to be “outside” of her him. We had quite a lengthy discussion about it and heard from some listeners, who had their own insight to the issue. Everything from the china cap (top of the chimney), to the pan flashing ans even the brick and mortar itself were suspects. No one who came out to her place to have a look (mason, roofer, gutter installer, etc) could find the answer, but seemed to have an opinion that it was something else. At the end of the discussion, the only thing that we could offer as support was to suggest that she gets them all together and see if the collective mass could figure it out.

Both shows pod links are here for your listening pleasure;

September 18th Show September 25th Show

Thank-you for listening and join in the conversation next week, as we uncover more problems and solutions.

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