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The Actual Cost Of A Renovation

Now, on the cost side, meaning money of renovations, there are a few financial things to consider when looking at the budget of your project: Living expenses during the renovation These include, but are not limited to; food, accomodation, travel, etc. It may be the kitchen that’s being renovated. BBQing can get tiring (BITE YOUR TONGUE!!). Washing dishes in […]

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From decks to “The Code”

The Home Discovery Show Sunday, Sept. 4th, 20011   Well, it’s still deck season, and that means that we still have time to enjoy the sun, sandals, and sodas. On this week’s show, our calls were all over the map, geographically and topically. From slippery decks to painting of the deck, to steps to the […]

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Clean Your Car’s Windshield

To clean the road pitch from your car’s windshield, use a dose of Cola on a rag and wipe away. The acids in the Cola eat up the gunk on the glass and leave a clean window to see through.

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