What a pane!

I wouldn’t have known at the onset that this week’s show would have been a pane. No, not that kind of pain. We’re talking about glazing – specifically, windows. More specifically, cleaning them. Everyone has their favourite brand name, commercial cleaner, or home concoction, but I was most interested in what the pros had to offer – and they did call. It seems that regardless of whatever the mixture is, it’s actually the “clean-off” that does the trick. The pros all confirm that a very good quality squeegie is the way to go. You and I likely don’t need the professional quality squeegie (who would have known that there was one), but a very good quality one is key.
The show didn’t start that way of course, we had flooring (squeaks, kinds of flooring and re-finishing), furnace (maintenance and duct cleaning), restoring laminate countertops, asbestos ceiling texture, and even a recap from last week’s show about zinc sulfate. We’re looking into the claim that Environment Canada has banned its’ use.

As always, a great show with great calls and fantastic listeners. Here’s a link for the podcast;

CKNW Podcast


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