Right down the toilet!

This week’s show did go down the drain. No, not literally. We’re far to good for that……. ;-P Before I get on to that, I have to thank Gerry from 100 Mile House for calling back in and reporting that he undertook the advice from last week’s show as he sought advice for a repair of a squeaking floor. Those are always a nuisance to fix – even if you can find the source!. Gerry did manage to isolate the offending joist, but couldn’t actually “see” where the noise was coming from. We thought that it was a “side slipped” nail from the flooring, even a shrunk joist that was dancing in the joist hanger. He continues to look for the actual source, and hopefully calls back to tell us that he’s found it, and fixed it.
Now, the potty talk; John from Vancouver had the misfortune to have the City’s sewer line back up into his basement. Brown water everywhere! It looks as though the City is working with him to remediate that damage, but he may need some help to get it underway. We can help. Quite a mess, but I’m sure that we can restore his space to “pre-event conditions”. From there, we talked with Franny, and she had a particularly annoying smell emanating from her laundry waste pipe. It sounded like the laundry sink and the washing machine shared the same P-trap, and that may have been the problem (It should have it’s own). With all of that dirty stuff, we got into Al’s call from Vancouver, and he decided to undertake the task of re-finishing his bathtub. He asked about a “clear coat” for the final coat, and Agnes reported in that he should be using an EPOXY paint.
We always get a call or two, or more, about concrete. Whether it’s new, old, re-surfacing, mud jacking, staining, or just cleaning, we get ’em. Frank’s neighbour helped him with his patio and was concerned that he’d have a re-occurring problem in the future. It sounded like his neighbour knew what he was doing, so I think Frank is in good hands. Peter from Victoria inquired about latex based or oil based sealers for the driveway. You know where I lean to……. easy clean-up and latex. I will back pedal and say that in some circumstances, I do prefer solvent based products over the latex based. Stain blocking paints, for example. I had to cover some aged, smoky yellow, horrible walls and the latex based just didn’t cut it. I switched to the “low odour” oil base and the walls were sealed – no bleed through. Finally, we talked with John in PoCo and he had described some “moaning”coming from his water pipes. It sounded like the old rubber washer in the old main water shut off was vibrating. He’s going to change it to a ball valve and see if that takes care of the pipe gremlin.

Well, it was a great show again and if you missed it (I won’t get in to WHY you missed it…..), here’s a link to the podcast:

Home Discovery Show-August 21,2011

As always, thanks for reading, listening, and calling.

Until next time.


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