Nail Polish For Repairs

Got Nail Polish?

If you’ve got cats that like to jump at bugs (and whatever else) through the screen on the patio door and have (more than once) caught their little claws in the screen – enough to tear the screen. Here’s a quick mend for the small nicks and tears. Apply a drop or two of clear nail polish to “paint” over the tear. (This also works with ladies nylons – to stop runs).

Oh. One more use for the clear nail polish. On the “European style” cabinets with the adjustable hinges, apply a little drop over the adjusting screws after you tweek the hinges (because they’re always going out of line). This temporarily welds the screws from loosening. When the time comes to adjust again or remove the hinges, a quick “crack” of the screw will break the weld.

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