Moss, Mayonnaise and Mould

This week’s edition of The Home Discovery Show went from moss removal on the roof, to removing water stains from wood furniture, to mould in the shower.

We heard about zinc strips, zinc sulphate, and even laundry soap to remove moss from the roof. With any roof work, ALWAYS work safely and never alone if you have to venture to the top of your house. It is always best to call the professionals who have the right fall arrest gear, ladders, insurance(s) and knowledge. Some things just aren’t worth risking life or limb over.

Dick from North Burnaby reports that a solution of 2 pounds (approx 1kg) of zinc sulphate and 5 gallons (approx 18 litres) of hot water. Put that in a 2 gallon landscaper’s spray and apply it generously to the roof – top down and rinse it off with the garden hose.

Ruby called in with a solution to removing the white ring on her wood table that was left behind from water that leaked from a flower pot. She recommended putting mayonnaise, not “Miracle Whip”, on a rag and rubbing the area. Wash the mayo off with warm soap and water. DRY it well, and it’s done. Steve from Calgary, a seasoned furniture refinisher, reports that methyl hydrate works in the same way. The water, that is the stain, is drawn up and evapourated with the methyl.

Mould is another re-occuring problem. Whether it’s the tile backsplash in the kitchen the tub surround, or the shower, mould grows where there’s moisture and “an organic environment”. I grossed Ian out and told him that, in his shower, the tile in inorganic, the grout is inorganic, and the glass is inorganic, so what’s the environment that allows the mould growth? It’s the skin tissue and soap residue on the walls! Yuk! When it comes to the caulking and mould, it’s usually because of the organic on the silicone – presuming it’s the “right” silicone, or it’s the “wrong” caulking. Caulking is not silicone, as a car is not always a Mercedes. Caulking for the wet areas MUST be 100% “joint rubber silicone”. It has to smell like vinegar – that’s the acetic acid in it. It cannot be acrylic latex caulking (water based), as that doesn’t flex and will not resist mould.

We entertained questions about security systems, light bulbs, uses for WD40 (that’s a whole other day of discussion), duct cleaning (quack), and even door bells. Whatever the question, topic or even if there’s a comment, solution, or experience that the listeners have learned from, we welcome it all on The Home Discovery Show.

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Keep the phone ringing and thanks for calling in. Have a great week and tune in next.


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