Growing Pains

Hello again. Wow, it’s been over a year since the last “monthly, turned quarterly” blog.  It has been busy, but perhaps not entirely in the “productive” way. Lot’s of changes in The Little Contractor realm and lots more are forecasted. Let me start with thank-you for reading and for following along. Foremost and paramount, are the people who take their time, nay, invest their time, in educating themselves by way of research and asking questions. This blog is part of that education. You are “one of them” whether you think it, know it, or even want to admit it. Thirst drives desperate investigation. Hunger drives inquiring minds.

So, without further delay, this edition of the blog was to be about “Qualifying a Contractor”. The short answer to the detailed question; Research him (her) as if you want them to be an executor(trix) of your estate. They will be taking your hard earned money, along with your equity asset, called “your home”, and dump it on the table, stir it up and give you back “something” good. Oh. You should be able to keep some money and some dignity.

The Little Contractor has been given a fantastic opportunity to Co-host The Home Discovery Show on CKNW AM980 (Vancouver) and on the Corus Radio Network (across Canada). This opportunity didn’t come without very careful consideration to partner up from my Co-Host, Ian Power. Ian is a broadcaster with a “comfortable number of years under his belt”, and he is very cozy behind the mike. His words are pure and honest, and are well know in the radio biz. A team was born in less than a week and on air, live, that Saturday. We don’t know exactly where this train is going, but we know that it’s going to make a lot of noise in the tunnels and be steady and true on the tracks.

So, tune in to CKNW on Sunday mornings at (sorry, I know it’s early..) 8:30 – 10:00AM (Pacific Time) and if you catch any of the Corus Radio Affiliates, the show airs on Saturdays at 6:00 – 8:30 AM.

CKNW is and search for “The Home Discovery Show” to find archived shows, or check in to  As this thing grows and changes, there will be exciting links, streams, blogs, feed, etc to follow.

I’ve also joined Twitter @ ltlcontractor and look me up on LinkedIn as well.

Thanks again for reading, following and being a part of this wonderful, epic adventure.


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