Holiday Advice

Some holiday advice. If someone isn’t stopping by every day to check on the animals and plants, collect the mail, e.t.c., then take this piece of wisdom that’ll save you a call to the insurance company when you get home.

Turn off the main shut off for the water to your house.

Most of us know the problem with vandals, the garden hose and the mail slot, but imagine a pipe in the house breaking. Imagine the washing machine hose or the basin hose letting go.

If you don’t know where to find the main water shut off, look for the outside hose bib (tap) at the front of the house. directly behind (usually), on the inside of the house, you should find two shut offs – one for the outside hose bib (which should be shut off in the winter, but that’s another lecture), and another for the main. The main will be before the one for outside and have the “Pressure Regulating Valve” or P.R.V. very close by. If the main isn’t there (some apartments and condos are more difficult), call a certified plumber or City Hall to get further information.

Another holiday safety thought; Put important papers and things in the freezer to protect them from a fire. It’s a cheap safe.

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