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Remembering Paint

If you’ve just finished painting a room or rooms in your house, keeping the left over paint, let alone remembering what the colour was, can be a hard job. With an indelible ink marker or ball point pen, write the paint manufacturer, colour (code if available), and sheen on the top of the door (closet […]

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Aluminium Ladders

Wipe your aluminum ladder with acetone to eliminate the dreaded dirty staining on your hands

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Aunt Problem

Aunt Problem? Not that one – ANT. Sprinkle cayenne pepper in doorways, window sills, or any other point of entry about once a month. When the leader of the “recon” troop picks up the scent, the soldiers will do an abrupt “about face”.  No pepper? A line of chalk, flour, sage, or salted cucumber peelings […]

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