Actual COST Of Renovating

It’s been beat into our heads to “prepare for a cost overrun of 10-15% for the renovation”. That’s a very old wives tale. I have a 5% contingency worked into my budgets, and that’s just for the little things that come up that aren’t life (project) threatening.

The Other Side Of Renovations

We’re proposing to take their money and, if they trust us, we’ll give them what they want for what they want to pay and then give them back their keys and go away – really. That’s a huge pill to swallow.

Qualifying A Contractor

Research him(her) as if you want them to be an executor(trix) of your estate. They will be taking your hard earned money, along with your equity asset, called “your home". They will dump it on the table, stir it up and give you back “something” great.


In this day of contract pricing, tight time lines, money smart consumers and tough competition, making an honest living and still being able to give a client a quality job that can be held up to the best of warranties is hard to accomplish. I can see the premise of “Close is good enough” becoming an industry standard, and this is not my working philosophy.

I want to give my clients a price for their project that wouldn’t drain the cheque book, but allows me enough time and finances to give them a finished job that is done right, on time, and within that budget. Most of all, give them a reason to smile at the end of their experience.

Simply put, I want to treat the customer and their property with “Tender Loving Care”.

In August of 1995, The Little Contractor was born. One man, a philosophy and a desire to help people.

Now, years later, your home renovations and repairs are handled with the utmost care and consideration – for you and your home.

Have a look around your home. What has been bothering you because of its state of disrepair or inadequacy? If you can find anything, call me. Let me help you feel good about your home again.

Steve Seaborn
The Little Contractor

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